Since Marine Bank opened its doors in 1997, we’ve witnessed digital technology alter industries and lifestyles in ways we could have never imagined.  Iconic retailer Sears is closing store after store while online shopping now accounts for one-tenth of all U.S. retail business.  News is consumed via social media rather than printed newspapers.  And remember when we used our telephones to actually call one another?

In contrast, the home-buying experience remains basically unchanged.  Sure buyers search for houses online and they may apply for mortgages online, but the human touch continues to be a driver of mortgage borrower satisfaction.  According to a Home Lending Experience Studyreleased by PwC, formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers, in April 2019, the more human interaction a borrower has during their home buying experience, the greater their satisfaction.   

Some of their key findings include:

58% of recent homebuyers requested their lenders help in establishing a budget.

At Marine Bank, our mortgage professionals welcome the opportunity to assist our customers with both budgeting to buy a home over the short term and improving the way they manage money over the long term.

As many as 44% of homeowners, and up to 63% of millennials, experienced buyer’s remorse.

Homebuyers often don't have a clear idea about what an appropriate budget should be. Instead of choosing a spending limit, 73% said they'd either maybe, or definitely, "go over budget." Our seasoned mortgage lenders educate our customers on the realistic, long-term costs of home ownership beyond the loan itself, to include both maintenance and insurance. By helping our borrowers make educated decisions, we hope to minimize buyer's remorse.

Responsiveness Matters

The home buying process may be initiated rapidly; its timeline abbreviated, and is often escalated due to a bidding competition.  Marine Bank’s local decision makers understand this and respond quickly.

Relationships Matter

The study found that over 80% of current and future buyers prefer to deal with one person throughout the entire mortgage process (from searching for a home to making future payments).  For many homebuyers, this will be their first home.  Each one of our mortgage experts is committed to assisting their homebuyers and guiding them through the home search, appraisal and title search process. 

The Dream Team for Your Dream Home

The right mortgage is more than just a competitive rate or term. That’s why, at Marine Bank, we also offer the experience you need and the responsiveness you expect to feel confident every step of the way. In fact, more than 99% of our customers who responded to our service survey said they would recommend Marine Bank to others.  Contact us today to start your home buying journey.

*PwC surveyed 1,500 recent and prospective homebuyers across the US about their experiences across the home-buying life cycle, from planning, to purchase, and into home ownership, refinance, and home improvement. Real estate purchasers are, on average, older and wealthier than the population average. As a result, this sample is not representative of the overall US population demographic mix. The survey was conducted during the fourth quarter of 2018.

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