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At Marine Bank & Trust we take great pride in being your only independent community bank. We know that the key to building a strong local economy is through support of businesses and organizations right here at home. As we work to improve the financial outlook of Indian River County and our surrounding communities, we encourage our friends and neighbors to think “local” when conducting business.

Do your shopping with local merchants. Use local service providers. Bank locally which helps keep funding sources available for our hometown businesses. We live in a fabulous community that offers virtually every product and service you need. By supporting these businesses we help create jobs, a stronger tax base which improves public services, and a thriving city that attracts visitors who add to our economic good health.

Marine Bank & Trust is committed to providing high quality customer service and financial options which will help our community continue to grow and prosper. Our bankers serve on a full range of civic and charitable organization boards that provide a helping hand to those in need. Join us as we work together to make our community the very best it can be by thinking “local” to meet your daily home and business needs. 

William J. Penney
President & CEO

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