Allow Our Lockbox Service to simplify your receivables process and accelerate access to your funds.  

Better cash flow and funds availability

With Marine Bank’s Lockbox service, all payments are processed and deposited into your account allowing you to access receivables quickly and efficiently.  

Improve productivity 

Marine Bank’s Lockbox Service eliminates in-house payment processing and deposit preparation, enabling your staff to focus on more productive activities. Lockbox provides an efficient, safe and cost-effective method for you to receive, deposit and post payment receipts for low to high volume remittance accounts. Our system is automated, eliminating manual "hand key" data entry or check photocopying.

View all transactions online

No more paper! Whether it’s a check payment, full-page documents such as letters bills and invoices, or fully encoded payment coupons, access every transaction online for reporting, research, and accounts receivable data file upload.

Dedicated Customer Service Staff

Spend your valuable time managing your business, not your receivables. Our Lockbox experts are dedicated to providing all the support you need. 

Positive Pay

Prevent the growing threat of check fraud with Positive Pay. This service allows you to compare the checks issued by your company to those being presented for payment. Items which do not match your register are reported to you as exceptions, and you then decide if you want those checks paid or returned by Marine Bank & Trust.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and money! With our Remote Deposit Capture, you can make non-cash deposits right from your computer, 24/7 by using a secure, easy-to-use scanner. And, deposits confirmed through RDC by 7:00 PM EST will post to your account the same business day, giving you faster access to your funds.

Ready to put our cash management solutions to work for your business? By allowing Marine Bank to help you collect payments, make deposits and pay your bills accurately and efficiently - you can get back to running your business.

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Jessica L Francis
Treasury Management Advisor
JFrancis (at) MarineBankandTrust.com


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