At Marine Bank and Trust, we’ve designed our checking account options so you’ll find one that’s ideally suited to your needs. Whether you’re looking for the ease of no minimum balance, the yield of an interest-bearing account or the convenience of online banking, you’ll find it right here.

Free Business Checking

Whether you’re a new business, or long-established, this plain and simple account gives you the flexibility to conduct your transactions with no monthly service charge or minimum balance requirements. Free business debit card and online banking provide the tools to help you manage the account… on your terms.

Premier Business Checking

Is your business checking as busy as you are? Does your organization tend to keep a consistent level of funds in your account? Then this is the account for you! You can write or transact up to 500 items on this account, while maintaining a minimal balance to waive the maintenance fee.

Analysis Business Checking

This account is perfect for businesses with significant transaction volume, and has been designed to handle your everyday needs. Marine Bank offers features that can improve your company's cash flow, like competitive earnings credits to offset potential service fees, online banking, and business debit cards that can help enhance your operating efficiency.

Business Money Market Account

Keeping a portion of your business funds in a higher yield account just makes good sense! With Marine Bank’s higher-yielding Money Market account, your money is federally-insured and earning a higher interest rate than a standard savings account. In fact, with our tiered-rate feature, the higher your balance, the higher your interest rate. 

As of May 11, 2018, all banks are subject to a new rule under the Bank Secrecy Act intended to assist the government and law enforcement
in the ongoing fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Click here for more information.

Meet Your Banker

Island Location - "Admiral"

Kim D. Prado 
Banking Center Manager
(772) 316-1262
Mark DeSclafani
Assistant Branch Manager
(772) 231-8229

Roberto Aranda
Personal Banker
(772) 589-4494 (Opens in a new Window)

Sebastian Location - "Sebastian"
Pat A. Staunton 
Operations Manager
(772) 646-7241
Georgia L. Irish 
Vice President/Sebastian Banking Center Manager
(772) 646-7242
Yonny Perez
Personal Banker I 
(772) 589-4494 (Opens in a new Window)

Mainland Location - "Pelican"

Tina Nicholson
Banking Center Manager
(772) 316-1268
April Lesperance
Assistant Banking Center Manager
(772) 316-1277

Melbourne Location - "Melbourne"
Charlie McCoach
Banking Center Manager
(321) 775-1863
Monica Shelton
Personal Banker
(321) 775-1871
Dianna Stewart
Personal Banker
(321) 775-1867

Account Features Free Premier Analysis Non-Profit
(interest bearing)
Money Market
Items processed at no charge 200 500 N/A 300 Restrictions Apply
Excess item charge $0.35 $0.25 Calculated $0.35 N/A
Balance to avoid service charge N/A See footnote (1) Calculated See footnote (2) $5,000 Minimum
Monthly service charge N/A $25 Calculated $10 $15.00
Debit card available (3) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
All listed accounts benefit from surcharge-free transactions at any Allpoint, STARsf, or Presto! ATM. 
Click here to locate an ATM.
Online banking and bill-pay Free Free Free Free Free Online Banking Only

(1) Premier: $5,000 daily balance or $7,500 average daily balance
(2) Non-Profit Interest: $2,500 daily balance or $5,000 average daily balance
(3) Pending credit approval