Marine Bank has partnered with eMindful to not only improve employee health and productivity, but to benefit the Mental Health Association in Indian River County.

eMindful provides mindfulness programs for everyday life and chronic conditions that help individuals make every moment matter with greater focus, creativity, and purposeful decisions. The eM LifeTM platform offers live, expert-led, interactive online mindfulness programs and hundreds of hours of on-demand content accessible via the app or the web.

For every minute that Marine Bank employees practice mindfulness on the platform, the same number of minutes will be donated to the Mental Health Association in Indian River County to distribute at their discretion. The organization can then use these available minutes of platform access to provide their clients with a full-suite of solutions that address stress, weight, anxiety, diabetes, chronic pain, addictive behaviors, cancer recovery, tobacco cessation, and more.

“2020 was an anxiety producing year that, unfortunately, has carried over into 2021,” said Bill Penney, President and CEO of Marine Bank & Trust. “Although our team has risen to the occasion with flying colors, it’s not sustainable.  By providing them the tools to focus, relax, and reduce stress, we will be better equipped to continue overcoming challenges as they arise.  And, the incentive that they are helping the Mental Health Association as they help themselves is a win-win – and we don’t get many of those these days.”