Meet Anna Sowell

Forming A Practice of Achievement

“What is it you want to achieve?” This is the question Anna has been asking her clients for over ten years. Her desire to assist people is genuine and as she says, it's just part of who I am. “My earliest memories are about wanting to help people.” In banking she gets to do that on a daily basis. 
Anna began her career in financial services as a teller, then lender, then branch manager. Touching all these areas, Anna says her love of talking with clients is what makes her job so enjoyable. 
Anna joined Marine Bank in 2021 with the e-banking department. This past March, she joined the Cash Management team where she uses her passion for people to understand her client's vision and guide them towards solutions that help them meet their business goals.  
Her approach and follow through might just be bolstered by her rigorous practice of physical endurance found through CrossFit. The consistency and self discipline she finds in this practice grounds her and brings a sense of presence and clarity when working with others.  
“I am typically smiling and happy,” says Anna. “With so many negative things around us, I try to bring positivity to others. That’s just how I decided to live my life.”  
We are certainly glad to have her focused passion and zest for life on the Marine Bank team.