The new year will usher in a new domain featuring
heightened trust and security!

Q. What is a .bank domain?
A. Unlike a .com or .net domain, .bank domains are created and managed by banking and security experts, and serve as a solid foundation for banks to securely and effectively communicate with customers, stakeholders and regulators.
Q. Who can use a .bank domain?
A. Only verified and authenticated banks or financial institutions can use a .bank domain, enabling customers to quickly distinguish authentic emails from their bank from potentially malicious attempts by scammers to obtain personal information.
Q. Why change our domain?
A. Globally, it’s anticipated that breaches and phishing will hit record highs in 2019. At Marine Bank, the security and trust of our customers is a priority. A .bank domain name comes with added security measures that are not included in other generic top level domains such as .com or .net including increased levels of encryption (NIST Level 3 Encryption), increased abuse monitoring and compliance enforcement. When you see an email or online communication from, you can rest easy knowing that the communication is coming from a verified and authenticated source.
Q. When will the change take place?
A. officially became on Friday, January 4th.
Q. What do I need to do?
A. There is no action you need to take. You may access our website using either or Both will work. The same goes for Marine Bank employee emails.
If you have additional questions, please contact Marine Bank and one of our banking professionals will be happy to assist you.