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Security Policy 


Marine Bank & Trust Company requires two (2) pieces of security information that are only known to you during the enrollment process.

Individual Access ID and Password

For your protection, so that we may research your request for an account and validate your confidential account information, an individual Access ID will be utilized. A temporary Access ID and password will be delivered via email or the United States Postal Service after the initial account set-up has been completed. You will then be prompted to enter your own customized Access ID and password during the first time you login.  Additionally, you will be prompted to establish 3 security questions with answers and a site authentication image & phrase.  During future logins, if our system recognizes your computer, you will be shown your authentication image & phrase prior to entering your password.  If our system does not recognize your computer, you will be asked one of your security questions prior to seeing the authentication image & phrase.

Your user password will be authenticated during the login process. You may change your user password as often as you like and will be prompted to make such a change periodically. Your Access ID will not change.

Also for your protection, your on-line account will be disabled should you exceed the allowed number of logon attempts.

For additional security, your eCom session will be terminated should there be an extended time of inactivity. This will prevent anyone from using your computer if you step away from your desk or office. Once logged off you may simply re-authenticate yourself by entering your Access ID and password at the login page.

Marine Bank & Trust Company will not, at any time, ask for your login password. If anyone calls and requests this information, contact the bank immediately.


Marine Bank & Trust Company requires certain browser software based on their accommodation of specific security requirements.
The following browsers are compatible:

Windows Vista and Windows XP
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
• Firefox 2.0 or higher
• Opera 8.0 or higher
Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
• Firefox 2.0 or higher
• Safari 2.0 or higher
• Camino 1.5.3 or higher
• Opera 8.0 or higher

Your Internet banking session will utilize the 128 bit (SSL) to secure the transaction from your browser and the WEB Server. Once a secure session is established other users on the Internet cannot monitor the data.


Encryption is the actual turning of words and numbers into a coded language that can only be read by you and the bank. If the key in the lower left corner of your screen appears filled or “enclosed” in Netscape Navigator and the lock appears solid in Microsoft Explorer, you will know your information is being encrypted. When not in a secure session, Netscape’s key appears broken and Microsoft’s lock does not appear at all.


A cookie is a way for our secured server to establish a login or session ID with you each time you authenticate connectivity. This cookie is only temporarily stored in your computer memory (RAM) to allow us to log the pages you use within our site and to let us know if you have visited our site before. Your browser may allow you to accept cookies with or without warning. If you have selected without warning you will be unaware of this extra security precaution. If you have asked to be warned simply click on accept.  Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to find out the identity of any user. 

This additional precaution prevents your session from being “taken over” if the SSL or encryption failed; either of which is extremely unlikely. The cookie is only active during your session and is not saved on your hard drive.


Secured Environment - Advanced Firewall Technology

Our web server and internet banking server does not connect directly to the internet. It is isolated from the Internet network via routers, filters, and a “firewall”. A “firewall” is a device that controls the access that computers on the Internet have to the bank’s computer. Use of the “firewall” allows only valid traffic to reach the Web Server.

Server Authentication

Our Provider uses Digital Certificates to ensure that a customer looking at a page on their server is actually using their server.

State Of The Art Security Monitoring Software

Our provider is continuously monitoring and auditing all transactions with us originating or terminating on our connection to the Internet.

Trusted Operation System

Our provider is constantly reviewing the latest in software and hardware technology to provide the best defense possible against intrusion.

For additional information please contact Marine Bank & Trust Company at email@marinebankandtrust.com or (772) 231-6611.


*Remember, regular email is not a secure form of communication.  Please do not include any confidential information in email such as:  full account numbers, social security numbers, PINs, date of birth, etc.


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