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Positive Pay

Only YOU Can Prevent Check Fraud!

Check fraud is a growing threat to your business.  You can take measures to prevent someone from getting away with altering checks or submitting them multiple times.  Marine Bank & Trust has the tools you need to protect your account from thieves.  But only YOU can put those measures in place and guard your hard earned funds from fraud.

Positive Pay is an online tool that helps you protect your account from check fraud.  This simple solution compares checks issued with checks presented for payment.  If the amount is different, the check number is not an issued item, the check has already been paid, or it is submitted outside of a 180 day window, bank personnel are alerted and we contact you to verify it is legitimate.  When all of the indicators match the information you provided in your Positive Pay data, the check clears the account normally.  You are only alerted if there is a discrepancy.

Since business owners are responsible for covering losses due to check fraud, Marine Bank does provide you with a suite of tools that protect your hard earned money.   The Positive Pay program should be used as a service to protect and inform you when a questionable transaction appears.  Using this tool along with monitoring your account frequently using Marine's internet and telephone banking services, YOU CAN prevent fraud!

Don't wait until it's too late!  Call Marine Bank & Trust and speak to a personal banker today to begin protecting your account from fraud.  You may also download our enrollment form and instructions for Positive Pay below.

Positive Pay Enrollment Form

Positive Pay Customer Instructions


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